Why is Content King?

Aug 05, 2015 by Content Marketing Sydney / in Content Marketing
Why is Content King?

Content is king. It’s now a cliche catchphrase that is overused on every content marketing site (we’re also guilty of this!).

However, there is a massive truth to this. Content IS king, and it’s something that has lasted pre and post internet. The phrase ‘content is king’ was first coined in the 1970’s, however was largely popularised in the 1990’s with the rise of the internet.

But why is that the case?

Not only are you pumping out amazing content for the benefit of your audience, but you should be pumping out great content for the benefit of your industry. Search engines are responsive to content. The best way to be overlooked by Google is to not post at all. At the same time, Google searches for quality in content too.

In order for your content to be king, you must treat your content like a King.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not that’s the case:

What is the purpose of your content?

Are you writing it to offer advice, or insight on a topic? Are you writing it to showcase your products? Lock down what your article is about before you begin writing. This will determine the tone and style you should write with.

What is your content about?

How relevant is your content to your company? This will determine how well it performs to your audience, as well as Google. If you’re offering a specific product or service, have a strong underlying theme within all your content posts. Use specific keywords bring the attention of search engines. Search engines respond well to keywords that people around the world are searching. One way to scope this out is to do a search on any topic into Google, and scroll to the end of the search results page to get an idea of what people are Googling.

How unique is your content?

Mark Twain once said, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” To some extent he’s right. Most of the time, any piece of content is an idea that's been done hundreds of times, but reworked from a different angle. That’s not to say you can’t be original or unique with your content, you may just have to find a way to spin it. If anything, use other articles for inspiration. Use this same concept to inspire yourself for more unique and captivating content.

Why your site?

You must give off the impression that you’re an authoritative figure who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to comment on that topic. Of course, this does involve an extensive knowledge, or in depth research into whatever you’re writing about. However, this knowledge will be gone to waste if you cannot convince the reader you know what you’re talking about.

All-in-all, this article can be summed up into one mantra our team follows:

Great marketing makes them come, but great content makes them stay.

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