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At Digital Spot, we are passionate about design. We believe simplicity is an art. A complex application or a website can be designed in a manner that is Simple, Fresh, Unique and Engaging. A great design is like magic: You may not know how it's designed, but you will be captivated by it. From a simple logo to a complex mobile application, we put a great deal of attention on Usability, Accessibility and Interface.


A great developer does not just code, they create. Our development team brings amazing designs to life. We are passionate about building websites, online applications and mobile apps that naturally draw people in. 


We have developed a number of mobile apps for both iOS and Android. We have developed apps for private use by our clients, as well as public apps currently listed on the app store. If you need a trusted and skilled team of developers give Digital Spot a call on 02 9657 4861, or email us via [email protected]


No project is complete without a complete marketing plan. You can have the greatest product in the world, however it's not worth much if nobody knows about it. At Digital Spot, we take a genuine interest in learning about your business processes, and work with you to form a plan that best suits your needs, and your clients needs. Our aim is to get your products and services in front of your potential clients. We offer a number of online marketing services, including Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords Advertising, Social Media, Banner Advertising and Email Marketing Strategy.


Jul 10, 2014 by Content Marketing Sydney / in Services

We design websites that are fresh, unique and engaging.


Jul 10, 2014 by Content Marketing Sydney / in Services

We develop websites and apps that are appealing, user friendly & simply work!



Jul 10, 2014 by Content Marketing Sydney / in Services

A well designed and developed app, product or service gets results and captures attention! The internet is doublling in size every year, the number of users are growing exponentially every year. The Internet has become the worlds largest marketing channel. 

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